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What is meant by Holistic Massage?
A: It is massage applied in accordance with holistic philosophy. Holistic philosophy views health as a balance of The Mind, The Body and The Spirit. It is based on the belief that an organic or intergrated whole has a reality independant of and greater than the sum of its parts. The holistic health philosophy considers the body as a dynamic energy system which is in a constant state of change. Each is a complex balance of mental, physical and spiritual aspects that are integrated into and affected directly by, environmental and social factors. Holistic massage is an expression of the holistic health philosophy.           
What exectly is massage?                                                                           
A: Massage is basically the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. The various massage movements, either individually, or in combination, affect the skin, muscles, blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves and some internal organs, depending on the massage movement and technique used. The therapist will often use a light organic oil scented with a carefully selected aromatherapy oil which will be absorbed by the skin, nourishing it and helping to keep it supple. Massage has both physiological and psychological affects.
Is the treatment painful?
A: No. The effect varies according to the individual, but generally a great feeling of well-being is experienced. The stresses and strains of life will seep away being replaced by a voyage of self discovery. Even those who find it difficult to relax will begin to experience the disolving of tension. Massage not only releases physical tension, but emotional tension as well. You will feel both uplifted and relaxed.           
Can anyone have a massage?
A: No. There are certain conta-indications to giving a massage, and it is the recognition and acceptance of these contra-indications which help distinguish the qualified professional therapist from the amateur. Prior to providing treatment your therapist will take a brief medical history. If during the taking of this history or during treatment contra-indications are evident the application of treatment will be declined.                                          
What are the benefits of massage therapy?
A: There are many benefits. Physically, its benefits include relaxing and toning your muscles; assisting the venous blood flow; increasing the heamoglobin level; encouraging the lymphatic flow; stretching the connective tissues of joints. High blood pressure, asthma, constipation and depression can respond to massage. The pain of arthritic conditions, muscular strain and sciatica have been alleviated by gentle massage. On a psychological level massage is an excellent therapy. It induces relaxation and is very suited in the treatment of stress and anxiety related problems. A caring massage creates feelings of well-being, trust and elation. On a spiritual level the benefits are more difficult to describe, for we are talking of something that is intrinsically indefinable - the essence, the "life force", the whole that is more than the sum of its parts. It is not uncommon for the patient to attain a state of heightened awareness, of "presence of the moment" that is akin to the experience of meditation.
Will there be a chaperone present during treatment?
A: No, but you are welcome to bring someone to sit in with you whilst you are having your massage.
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