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Newid a Gobaith offers an integrative and pluralistic psychological

therapy approach for a wide range of issues.

The underlying, predominant approach used in these psychological therapies is counselling (sometimes referred to as talking therapy), which can include, where appropriate, CBT and Mindfulness. The therapy is delivered to high ethical standards.  

COUNSELLING is a confidential talking-therapy between therapist and person/s, attending counselling. Its aim is to provide the opportunity for the move towards living and working in a more satisfying and resourceful way. Counselling will help you work through your worries and unresolved conflicts, helping you gain a greater understanding of them. It will help you identify feelings and learn ways of dealing with them appropriately. Counselling does not impose solutions, opinions or judgements. It does not manipulate the person. It is a means of structuring self-reliance and assisting the client to make decisions and choice.

Four specialist therapies are available also - Couples Therapy, CBT, EMDR and Psychosexual Therapy. 

Newid a Gobaith is focused on providing a personal, high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Everything will be done to meet your reasonable expectations.

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Newid a Gobaith - Counselling -Couples Counselling - CBT -Psychosexual Therapy -EMDR- Mindfulness

Carmarthenshire - Ceredigion - Pembrokeshire

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