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Mountaineous Landscape


Once upon a time, in a land so far away you could only reach it by the indefinable boundaries of imagination lived the Grand Toad of Wisdom. Those who found the path to this land by following the roads to humour, humility, sadness, knowledge and love, were rewarded by being given an audience with the Grand Toad of Wisdom.  

Through purple seas and winds of blue, beyond yellow rainbows and nights of light, travelled a group of people filled with curiosity. Each person was a different age to another, of different skin colour and possessing their own defined gender. Although superficially they all appeared different each one equally represented humankind, and each had found the path and wanted to know the “answer.”  

 They followed the signpost of release and compassion, they paused at the lake of reflection and emerged through spontaneity and self-awareness - each stage bringing them closer to the great solution. Each had the same two questions. They did not know that the answers would be the same, yet the two replies would be exhilaratingly unique to each individual. 

After, what was, on occasions a difficult journey, they rested under cover of a shimmering rainbow and slept through a red leafed night. As the morning broke to shafts of light, birdsong and delicate scents of wonderment and living, the group stirred and rose as the magnificent figure of the Grand Toad of Wisdom appeared before them. Each individual stood humbly in line before the magnificent creature.

   “What is your question?” the Toad asked, his voice reverberating warmly and filled with the overture of nature’s music. “We have two,” one of the women in the group said with trepidation. “We have discussed this on our journey to you.” 

The woman hesitated. She swallowed and said, “We wonder, where you, the almighty Toad of Wisdom, get your strength and profoundness?”  

 The toad sat upright, revealing beneath his chest, an everchanging luminous wondrous rock of beauty. “This is my strength and wisdom, ” said the Toad patiently. This is where I get it from. This is my rock." 

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