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Zen Stones


After a pause, which allowed the persons in the group to consider his answer, the Toad said, “What is your second question?” One of the men eventually and humbly replied, “May we have a share of your rock so that we can have some of your strength and wisdom?” 

 The Toad breathed in deeply, his chest expanding and exposing its great magnificence, before again relaxing and reducing the Toad’s great stature. The Toad gently replied, “No - it is mine.”​

  His eyes followed the changing expressions of the assembled listeners. He paused, then, added kindly, “But you can have your own rock of strength and wisdom.” 

 “How can we do that?” his audience asked in unison.  

  “I have answered your two questions”, the Toad replied. 

 “Please tell us,” the group pleaded.

  The Toad answered, “No, you must look inside yourself for the answer.”

 And that is what each person did, and when they had searched hard and deep, each found their own personal rock.

“What you have found,” the toad explained, “is your own rock of strength and wisdom. I could not give it to you.”  

 “But you have, you have,” each member of group excitedly pronounced together. The Toad croaked then smiled. The wise creature spoke quietly yet assertively. “No,” he said. His voice was deep, warm, assuring and with a musical quality that filled the air.

  The toad took a deep breath and said, “It was inside you all the time. I just helped you find it.”       Paul Davies.

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