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Romantic Couple

Couples Therapy.   Couples therapy is not, for a therapist, a simple transition from working with one person to two (or more than two in a polyamorous relationship). Although the skills used are similar, the dynamics are quite different and more complex. To be competent and successful in this important type of therapy, counsellors need to expand their skills through considering new approaches, attending workshops, extensive CPD and practicing with the support of an experienced supervisor. Paul has done this and has been counselling couples for over five years.

Paul welcomes, not only heterosexual couples, but couples of all genders, and is LGBTIQ+ aware and sensitive. He also welcomes those in polyamorous relationships.

Couples seek counselling for numerous reasons, but predominantly because they feel their relationship has become unhappy or is breaking down. There may be many reasons why this is happening including communication issues, financial problems, infidelity, lack of intimacy, mis-trust and unreasonable demands.  There are very many more.

Couples attend counselling to save their relationship or to make it better. Paul will do his best to help the couple achieve this. He will treat all persons in the relationship equally and non-judgementally. He is realistic in his belief that not all relationships can be saved, and in such cases, will work tirelessly to help each person find their own way of moving forward most productively.


Abstract Horizon

PSYCHOSEXUAL THERAPY.  This is a specialist branch of therapy where the therapist needs to have had specific professional training in related biology, psychology and sexual matters in addition to general counselling. Paul has attended six months specialist training with the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology. 

He provides this therapy to individuals, couples and people in polyamorous relationships.

As a sex and relationship therapist, his aim is to provide a safe environment in which his clients can share their intimate thoughts and problems with no fear of judgement. He honours  all sexual orientations, gender identities and sexual preferences. He is  kink-knowledgeable therapist and he takes a positive approach to legal compulsive sexual behaviours. His therapy is talk based and does not involve touch.

Specific issues that Paul can help with include:

  • consensual non-monogamy

  • erection problems

  • inability to orgasm

  • low sexual desire

  • painful intercourse

  • premature/early ejaculation

  • problematic pornography use

  • relationship problems - couples and poly

  • sex, gender, erotic and relationship identity concerns

  • sexual compulsions

  • specific sexual interests (BDSM, kinks and fetishes)

  • vaginismus

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